Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear Calciobit, Please Come to North America

I'm not quite sure why I'm so attracted to this game. Maybe it's just my strange attraction to games with quirky artistic direction. Maybe, because it sounds so different than anything I've ever played, that the jaded gamer inside of me wants to experience something different. Label me intrigued, and ever since I wrote about the game after it was shown in a demo reel at the Nintendo 3DS pre-TGS press conference, I've wanted a copy. Nay, I must have a copy.

Unfortunately, I learned that the game is a soccer management game, and while that sounds even more intriguing to myself, I can't imagine the game ever releasing outside of Japan, or at least in the US. There's always the chance it could release in Europe, as they have a lengthy history of soccer management games, but considering the 3DS is no longer region-free, I may have to miss out.

Source: and the Minisite at Nintendo Japan

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