Friday, September 23, 2011

Diamond Trust of London: No News is Good News?

The savvy follower of video game news, or perhaps the dedicated follower of Jason Rohrer, has undoubtedly heard of a Nintendo DS game by the name of Diamond Trust of London. The title was originally to be published by Majesco, but differences of opinion as to how it should be published placed the title into limbo. At least until Zoo Entertainment announced that they wanted to publish it.

And that's pretty much all we've heard on the title. Yeah, there have been a few blog updates on the official website (seven, to be exact), but we still don't know approximately when the game is supposed to be released or any details concerning  the barely mentioned Amazon-only distribution method or it's limited edition goodies.

I know, I know, this sounds very impatient of me, but the game is going to be a very limited printing and only available during a very specific window of time. My fear is that those who want a copy, even if interested, will completely miss the window of availability. That would suck.

Zoo Entertainment, do yourself a favor and at least make a game listing on your website. Pretty please?

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