Friday, September 9, 2011

Europe Gets More Awesomeness Via Ghostlight

It looks like RPG lovers are going to have to shuffle on over to Europe, as they are getting all the good stuff on that front. It's not just Xenoblade I'm talking about here. Ghostlight has been scooping up all of the awesomeness that companies like XSEED, Aksys, and Atlus have released here in North America.

Earlier last month, the European publisher announced The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky's collector's edition. North Americans received a soundtrack, poster, and replica Bracer Guild badge. Europeans will not get the Bracer badge, but will get five art cards.
Today, Ghostlight announced their collector's edition for Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

It will include: A soundtrack CD with original and remixed tracks from Shoji Meguro, six double-sided art cards, an A3 poster featuring the game's box art, and if you pre-order from Ghostlight you will receive an Innocent Sin t-shirt as well. While there is no collector's edition coming to North America, Atlus USA is bringing us a 10-track soundtrack from certain retailers. 

RPG lovers really need to own a PSP, there is just too many awesome games on it. Pocket Console is glad to see Europe is getting these games after getting the shaft all these years. Thanks Ghostlight, but we also need to thank XSEED, Atlus, Aksys, and NIS America as well. All good stuff.

Sources: Ghostlight, RPGamer

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