Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Falcom Rumbles, Reaches for the Rear

There is a lot of portable rumblings from Falcom right now and they are reaching for the rear. It's not as dirty as it sounds, they just want my money, nothing more. More about that later.

First, The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki is out in Japan on Sept. 29. It received 8/8/8/8 - 32/40 from Famitsu and scores of 90/80/95/90 from Dengeki. Many are calling Trails in Blue, but I'm going to do my own completely unofficial and inaccurate localization and call it The Legend of Heroes: Into the Blue. It sounds more natural, really. For those that don't know, this is the fifth Legend of Heroes game in the Falcom developed PSP line and the second that was not ported over from PC. The Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky games are the first three and 2010's Zero no Kiseki (or as I again inaccurately dub Path to Nowhere) is the one right before this. Here's a look at a trailer from a game we are never ever going to see in English...or at least not for a long time. This one is going to be big in Japan though, as Falcom had already taken over 200,000 retail orders for the game as of August. It should be big for the company.

It's not all Legend of Heroes at Falcom, though as they also announced Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees for the PlayStation Vita at this year's Tokyo Game Show. This will be the first official version of Ys IV that Falcom has created, as there are two others, both made by other developers. This Vita release will take the foundation Ys Seven set for gameplay and build on it. It will have a more dynamic camera, audio free from the constraints the PSP placed on it, and uses of the rear touch panel for ordering around allies. I'm ready for this, so I really hope it gets picked up for North America, but it won't even be out in Japan until 2012, so we have time.

Falcom isn't content to let the PSP, their most actively developed system, die out. The company is developing a PSP game alongside Ys Celceta and should be released in 2011. In the meantime, I'll sit back, cross my fingers, and continue to wish for a Vita compilation of the Sora no Kiseki trilogy, or at least the first two. A man can dream, right?

Source: endlesshistory via Twitter & Andriasang

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