Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pocket Releases - September

Each month I'm going to try to do a rundown of notable releases for the pocket consoles. I'll not be covering shovelware or most licensed games based on movies or kids' shows. Digital releases might get added at some point, but for now this will be mostly retail releases. For now, I plan to call this section Pocket Releases. Here's what you have to look forward to this month.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (9/19) - It appears that Nintendo's taking over the reigns for the Dragon Quest series. If this means that we get more DQ games here in North America, I'm all for it. Especially if that means we get Rocket Slime (or as I call it, Pirate Slime) on the 3DS. I expect to hear more about this one closer to release, but I wasn't a fan of the first Joker. I've come to love DQ since then, though.

Kirby: Mass Attack (9/19) - I've yet to play a Kirby game outside of recently starting Epic Yarn on the Wii, but since that one is really awesome I'm game to give Mass Attack a try. It's a shame everything on the DS is crammed into the last of the month.

Solatorobo: The Red Hunter (9/27) - XSEED sure isn't afraid to bring over titles that are completely niche and have little hope of achieving mainstream appeal. That said, the little time I got to play Solatorobo before shipping it off to RPGamer's review was really enjoyable. The game is fast and the tossing combat reminded me a lot of Rocket Slime (haha, two mentions of that game already this post) and that's a good thing. I have a feeling I'll be ignoring most of the story, but maybe I'll be wrong on that account. I have it pre-ordered, so I'll see how it turns out later in the month. RPGamer should have an impression up before then and a review on release.

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns (9/27) - I have never found interest in Harvest Moon, so I doubt that Tale of Two Towns will change my mind. We have a great write-up over at RPGamer from a roundtable interview with Natsume. The DS version of the game is coming out this month, but it looks as if the 3DS one will be an October release.

X-Men: Destiny (9/27) - Early reports about this game from E3 have me worried. Mainly because those were talking about the console version, and those usually get more attention from the developers. Often portable ports get tossed to smaller developers, though sometimes that's for the best. I've found nothing to state that this will be handled by anyone other than Silicon Knights, so here's hoping this one doesn't turn out too bad.
Image taken from a console version

Star Fox 64 3DS (9/6) - I hated the original Star Fox for SNES, but played a hefty amount of multiplayer with with Nintendo 64 release. I can't say I was ever really a big fan of the series, but having this on the go is a nice touch. I have to say there are plenty other N64 games I'd have rather seen first, especially since multiplayer here is local only.

Driver: Renagade (9/6) - While this is being released alongside Driver: San Francisco, it is a standalone game that actually takes place in New York. I have little knowledge of the Driver series, so I fear I'm little help on a recommendation for this one.

Bit.Trip.Saga (9/13) - Bit.Trip.Saga is a compilation of six games in the series that originally appeared on either WiiWare or mobile devices. These rhythm-based games appear to merge a classic retro style with a modern look. This is the first release on a portable console, so it's nice to get all these in one package.

Pinball Hall Of Fame Williams Collection (9/20) - This one's been around on other systems for some time, including the PSP, but it's making the jump to the 3DS this month. It has received a lot of praise from people I respect, so this new version might just give me a reason to try it.
From Wii Version

Frogger 3D (9/20) - I had no idea until I started making this list that Konami was bringing Frogger to the 3DS. It's apparently being made by Japanese developer Alpha Unit and will feature new mode of the arcade classic that take advantage of the system's 3D. I don't usually care for 3D, as I feel it's mostly a gimmick, but I'd be willing to see how it fairs for this one. It might be a fun time-waster.

FIFA Soccer 12 (9/27) - I am not a soccer fan, but from all reports FIFA's become EA's biggest sports title worldwide, so they must be doing something right. I'm not jumping on this one, but would be interested to see how it fairs on the 3DS.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin (9/20) - This is a localization fans have been waiting over ten years for, and now we'll finally have it. The first of the Persona 2 titles, North America got the second half, but not this one until now. Early reviews have been bashing this for having too many random encounters and an old school design. Some might not like that, but it does sound spot on to the original.

FIFA Soccer 12 (9/27) - See 3DS entry above.

That's what we have to look forward to this month. If you feel I've missed anything important, please let me know. In the meantime, feel free to check out Amazon's Best-to-School deals for some great deals on some older portable titles.

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