Thursday, September 22, 2011

Professor Layton RPG Gets Trailer

I didn't catch that the next installment of the Professor Layton series (the above logo'ed Professor Layton and the Last Specter) was going to have a supposed 100 hour role-playing game inside of it. How did I not notice this, especially considering the sprite work looks amazing? It's very similar to what Fantasy Life looked like before they announced it for the 3DS and changed the visuals from 2D to 3D. Which makes at least some sense, as the same company is responsible for both titles.

I'm not what I'd necessarily call a Professor Layton fan, even if I do own more DS games than what is reasonable, but the entire look and feel and idea of a Professor Layton RPG really appeals to me. Level-5 and Nintendo, you have sold an extra copy of your game. It's sad that Europe will miss out on the adventure, but the DS is still region-free. At least the availability is there, if one's desperate enough.

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