Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sony Vita to be Region-Free

Pocket consoles have, as far as my memory can recall, always been region-free. That feature is one of the primary perks in collecting games for nearly any previous generation of pocket consoles. This is especially true if one enjoys specific flavors of quirkiness in titles that are only released in, at best, one region. My Nintendo DS collection is filled with Japanese and European games that are simply oustanding. Most of these titles never will come to North America. Never. And though I've had to spend hefty sums of money importing of them to the US, especially given the weak dollar the last several years, I've always been supremely thankful that I have at least the ability to play such titles.

Imagine my horror when I heard the 3DS would not be region-free. I mean, sure, some titles I can always live without, but would I want to live in a world where I could not play my beloved Pic Pic? Would I be forced to import separate consoles for each region? The entire line of thought was supremely depressing.

Thankfully, Sony has announced on the coattails of the Tokyo Game Show (at least announced via Twitter, if you can call that an announcement) that the Vita will be region-free. Yay!

The more I hear about the Vita, the more I'm convinced that it may be the next portable console for me. If they can figure out a way to get my UMDs to work on the thing, then I'll be sold.

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