Friday, September 2, 2011

XSEED Wants to Party with Your Corpse

Corpse Party (PSP via PSN, XSEED Games)
XSEED is keeping the PlayStation Portable alive with a game about death. The company announced that Corpse Party would be released this fall as a download-only title on PSP. It' a horror adventure game with a 2D, early 16-bit style. The game tells the story of a group of high school students trapped in a haunted elementary school filled full of decaying corpses and tormented souls. The interesting part of the game is that there are no "Game Over" moments, only branching paths. That reminds me of my time with Heavy Rain, playing the way I wanted and shaping my experience, so I hope it ends up at least similar to that. What makes me even more curious is the Japanese sequel that was just released apparently builds off one of the "bad" endings of this game, so is it really a "bad" ending in that case? Saving the day and surviving is not always the way of things.

Here is a trailer for the game. Warning: It contains disturbing content. Sweetly disturbing.


  1. XSEED always manages to do something to catch my interest. With Kirby and Solatrobo most likely the last of the DS games I'll purchase, it looks like XSEED might be bringing over the last of my PSP purchases as well.

    I haven't had a chance to get into TitS much yet (I can't stop playing Tactics Ogre, especially after the $20 price cut on PSN saw me buying it there as well so I can play it on the Vita as well), but I'm hoping they bring the rest of the games out.

  2. I can say this much, there will likely be more PSP love before the Vita hits. Not sure exactly what or from which company, but we're not done yet.

  3. Japan keeps getting things announced that I'd never think we'd get here (this included) so I'm hoping it's not done yet. You just go look at the future releases for the system here and it doesn't look so promising. It does seem to be alive and kicking still though, so hopefully someone picks up the torch for it.

    Do you think more will come out as PSN downloads rather than retail releases? As much as I'd prefer the physical copies, I'll take a virtual copy over none.

  4. Yeah, I think we'll miss a lot of good stuff, but I doubt that this release will be the last we see from Japan. Aksys, XSEED, NISA, and Atlus have all been good about supporting systems even after a successor system has come out. I think that PSN will play a big part in that, but hopefully we'll get some physical copies as well.