Monday, October 10, 2011

Azito 3D to Release on 3DS in Japan

Sometimes I like to write about games for my selfish interests. It's one of the perks of writing a blog. If you want to write about your selfish desires, then start your own blog. It's fun. Today I shall write about one such selfish interest.

Quite a while ago, the fine folks over at Siliconera posted about a game series that I had never heard of before. They wrote that a game named Azito 3D would be coming to the 3DS, and, after some research, I learned there had been three other titles in the series that never left the shores of Japan.

Now, I have never played a title in the series, but as I understand it, it's a simulation game where you  build a giant robot in a secret underground base while simultaneously trying to fend off monsters from invading your base and destroying the city above. Even writing the premise brings a happy tear to my eye. This is, by far, the best concept for a game in the history of games.

I seriously doubt the title has any chance whatsoever of coming to the US. There's always the chance of an odd, no-name publisher picking up the title and bringing it over, much like what happened to Tank Beat, but I'm not holding my breath. The pain is doubly inflicted now that the 3DS is no longer region-free. Sadness.

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