Friday, November 4, 2011

Pocket Releases - November

As November starts, the PSP and DS have less to offer, but still some interesting titles are coming for both. The 3DS is really picking up steam with a few notable releases this month.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance (11/8) - Anyone even remotely following video games knows of Modern Warfare, but have any of you played the DS versions? Orlando-based developer n-Space has developed the past four DS Call of Duty iterations and is the team behind Defiance. The portable Call of Duty games are companion titles to the console releases, so while they follow the same setting and style, they tell a completely different story as well as play differently. The developers at n-Space have some of the best work in implementing online gameplay for the DS, bringing more action than even Nintendo by offering co-op, competitive play for up to six players, and online voice chat for their last title. Sadly, Activision is being quiet about this title, but we should know more in a week. Thanks to DS-x2 for finding screens from the box art.

Fossil Fighters: Champions (11/14) - The original Fossil Fighters was released in 2009 with little fanfare. Now two years later the DS is getting yet another one of these Pokemon meets dinosaurs games. Fossil Fighters also adds in a touch of archeology, as players have to dig out fossils before they can use them. For those of you wanting to create the ultimate dinosaur battle team, check out this video to see just how you'll be doing that.

James Noir's Hollywood Crimes (11/1) - This murder mystery adventure title was supposed to be a launch game for the 3DS, but it didn't quite make it. It is out now, so take a peek to see if you might be interested in this latest crime drama. Sadly, this trailer is more tease than anything.

Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few (11/8) - I thought this was hitting last month, but it didn't. Now Mastiff has confirmed this for a November release. I've reached out to Mastiff for more details, but their focus seems to be mostly on the console version, Heavy Fire: Afghanistan. The console release is an on-rails shooter, so hopefully we can get more info on the 3DS version soon to see if it is more of the same or something totally different.

Cave Story 3D (11/8) - Cave Story is far from being a new title, but this is its first physical release. The 3DS version offers a new facelift as well as the standard version of the game. For those who haven't played this in one of its other many forms, now's the time to jump in. NIS America's latest may be one of the more expensive versions, but it's still really enjoyable. It's an action adventure title with lots of exploration. I'm enjoying it so far.

Super Mario 3D Land (11/13) - Here is the month's heavy hitter and potential holiday savior for the 3DS. Mario is back in this blend of 2D and 3D worlds, harkening back to the classic years of Super Mario Bros. 3, complete with Tanooki Suit. I've not been a big fan of the 3D Mario titles on consoles, but am actually getting excited about this one. I really liked New Super Mario Bros on the DS, but couldn't quite get into the Wii counterpart. Maybe this one being portable will help.

Oregon Trail 3D (11/15) - Who over the age of 25 doesn't remember Oregon Trail? This game was supposed to teach us history and resource management, but it mostly just showed us how people died back in the early 1800s. Well, now we can play it on our 3DS. Be right back, I need to die of dysentery a couple thousand times.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (11/15) - For those interested in flying the high skies, this 3DS version of Ace Combat has you covered. Having not played the console version, I can't speak to its quality or design or how similar this one is. I fear all I have for you is a trailer.

Shinobi (11/15) - The classic action game Shinobi is returning on 3DS developed by Griptonite Games and published by Sega. Combining side-scrolling action with some 3D segments, it looks like it will have some fast ninja action. Nintendo World Report got some hands-on time at NY Comic Con, so take a look at their off-screen footage from that playthrough.

Sonic Generations (11/22) - I'm afraid I have no media for the 3DS release of Sonic Generations, but worry not, it is coming soon. Many have claimed that the console version is one of the best Sonic games in years, so here's hoping that this version will not be dumbed down.

Nano Assault (11/22) - Here we have a 3D action shooter from Majesco. Nano Assault offers 30+ stages and ten bosses to battle through. If you've played either Nanostray game for the DS, then you are familiar with the developer Shin'en Multimedia's work. Jon posted about this earlier in the month, so see what he has to say here.

Fate/Extra (11/1) - Aksys Games has released what could be their last PSP RPG. Fate/Extra is Imageepoch's latest RPG, and it takes some notes from Persona 3/4 with the high school setting, but offers a unique combat system. In battle, players select rock/paper/scissors actions at the same time as enemies. It's creative and different, but we'll have to see how it holds up in the long run. The story seems really engaging though, so that's always a plus.

PES 2012 (11/15) - Not much new to say here. PES 2012 is already out on the consoles, but is coming to the PSP at the budget price of $19.99. If you like soccer (or football for you UK folks), you can pick this one up cheaper than the upcoming 3DS version, but lacking the online play that version will offer.

Corpse Party (11/22) - While I usually don't cover digital releases in this post, Corpse Party is my exception for the month. After the great response to our interview, I couldn't ignore it. It is official that Corpse Party will hit PSN on the 22nd for $19.99. This is yet another game where you need to prepare to die. Please read the interview for more details on exactly what this is.

That's it for November; really a big month for the 3DS. Again, if I've missed anything of substance though, let me know. There was a lot of shovelware this month for both the DS and 3DS that I ignored, so I might have missed some quality games that were hidden.

EDIT: Was informed that Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights has been delayed until Dec. 6. Thanks @5lipi.

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