Friday, September 7, 2012

Pocket Peek - Gravity Rush

 Open-world, superhero games seem like old hat now, but until the movie game Spider Man 2 blew onto the scene there were not many good ones. Since then we've had a steady stream of them, including original properties such as Infamous and Prototype. Of course these have all been PC/Console titles, and we've never really gotten a quality title on the portable side.

That appears to have completely changed with Sony's Gravity Rush for the Vita. Taking place in a steam punk styled world with a female heroine who can control her own gravity, Gravity Rush finally brings a quality open world superhero game to portables. Thankfully, it doesn't just copy and paste ideas from others, but instead manages to be something completely its own.

Like Infamous before it, Gravity Rush succeeds by providing environments that function as a playground for your hero's powers. The heroine, Kat, can change the direction of her gravity, letting you walk on the sides of buildings, the underside of the game's floating city, or flying by simply changing gravity. Using this you can wander around the city finding all kinds of interesting secrets.

This mechanic is used in the combat as well, letting you create distance between enemies to provide more momentum for your kicks. Kat also gains other gravity based powers, such as being able pick up and throw objects (or people) and various super attacks. Though it certainly is an open world game in style, the missions are mostly linear with little to do outside of optional challenges and quests. Still, missions are fun and varied with one of particular note tasking you with descending far below the floating city providing for some incredible sites.

The game is a looker as well, with gorgeous cel-shaded graphics really giving it a stylized anime feel. Story events often happen through comic book stills which are a nice touch. The music is particularly notable, providing an eclectic mix of tunes that match the environment and story perfectly. It may not be the deepest open world game out there, but certainly far outshines previous portable entries in the genre. I highly recommend people give this game a try, and there is even a demo available from the Vita's PSN store.

Disclosure: This game was purchased by the writer.

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