Monday, October 8, 2012

Orgarhythm Rocks into Vita

Acquire and XSEED Games have teamed up to release the real-time strategy, rhythm game Orgarhythm digitally for PlayStation Vita on Oct. 23. Here, players control the God of Light in a battle against the forces of the God of Darkness. Using a rock, paper, scissors-style combat system, you'll be hammered foes with rhythm attacks while rocking out to rock, club, and tribal music. The game is more involved than simple, straight up rhythm combat, as there are also buffs, debuffs, defensive skills, and restorative magic at your disposal as well. There are versus and co-op modes available, though these are unfortunately only accessible via local ad-hoc play. A newly formed Japanese studio known as Neilo has had a big hand in the development of Orgarhythm, including Takashi Hirai who worked on Space Channel 5 and Rez in the past. This title will retail for $29.99 when it launches in a few weeks.

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