Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spy Hunter Rides Again

The 1983s vertical driving, car combat game Spy Hunter is making yet another run today, this time on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. This marks the third time the Agent has taken his G-6155 Interceptor up against a terrorist organization. The true star of Spy Hunter is the Interceptor, which is monster of a combat vehicle that can also transform into an off-road assault machine or speed boat has the game's many missions demand. Though published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, this is one of the first titles released by smaller, English developer TT Fusion that doesn't involve LEGOs. I've not been able to get any hands-on time with this yet, but here is the launch trailer and some screens in the meantime.


  1. MHRelias says: I sank over $80 playing this in arcades (in quarters, at one quarter a play). If the trailer is any indicator, along with the screens, this might have to be on my purchase list for my Vita. I wonder if they'll have a demo... I'd love to relive my arcade days on my modern console!

  2. No word of a demo yet, but if I can get a copy I'll be sure to share more about it. Right now, no idea.