Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Walking Dead Physical Release?

It's not news that Telltale is releasing The Walking Dead on Vita, but I had assumed it would be digital-only. After all, the Vita bundle only includes a 4GB card and a digital copy of the game. It now appears as if a physical version of the Vita release of The Walking Dead is now available to pre-order on Amazon for $24.99. This release features touch controls along with the ability to use standard buttons, and it also comes with the latest 400 Days DLC.

With confirmation that Season Two will be hitting Vita later this year (at least the first episode, assuming a similar setup), getting a chance to start fresh on Vita to prepare will be nice. I think The Walking Dead will be a fantastic game to play on the Vita, so I welcome the chance to replay it and get my saves ready for the DLC and Season Two. Hopefully this isn't an Amazon mix-up, as there is no placeholder date other than the end of the year. I've got my pre-order in just in case.

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