Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monster Monpiece Announced, Censored, Still Creepy

Idea Factory has confirmed a North American and European digital-only release of the PlayStation Vita card battle game Monster Monpiece. It will be available sometime this spring and will include Japanese voices with English subtitles. This strange game wasn't a likely candidate for localization for many due to the risqué imagery on some of the monster girl cards. In Monster Monpiece when the cards evolved, the girls pictured would appear in increasing states of undress. Those who would be offended by this will be glad to know that this is being toned down. Others might not be so happy, but as they say...different strokes.

Idea Factory International has stated that seventeen of these cards have had their higher level images removed, keeping the tamer versions instead. Fans that do enjoy this sort of imagery will be glad to know there is still plenty of skin to be seen. Some of the screens below highlight this along with the rubbing gameplay mechanic that will have Vita owners holding their system vertical and stroking away. Oh yeah, just like that.

I'm going to have to stop now before I make even more of a mess of things. Enjoy these images.

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