Monday, July 14, 2014

Pocket Review - Titan Attacks

If you've ever found yourself longing for a modern take on Space Invaders, then Titan Attacks is the game for you. Puppy Games and Curve Studios teamed up to release this arcade action game on Vita, and it works quite well on the handheld. You'd better like challenging action games, though, because this one doesn't pull any punches.

Things start off simple with players shooting down crowds of slow moving enemies, but it doesn't stay simple or slow-moving for long. Quickly, enemies will be flying all over the stage, dropping bombs, and bouncing around like crazy. Even though the game keeps the single-screen Space Invaders format, it almost feels like a bullet hell game with the way you have to move the tank constantly around to dodge everything flying at your.

There are lots of tools at your disposal to help complete these stages. Players earn money by performing well in stages and can use that money to replenish their tank's shields to help them last longer or they can opt to save those funds for a chance at the more expensive upgrades that power up the tank. Since each area consists of multiple waves of increasingly difficult enemies, it's a balancing act to figure out which upgrade path to take, especially since you only get one go at each area before having to start it over. Do you get smartbombs to take out a group of enemies at once or choose to have extra bullets? It's going to be hard either way, so choose wisely.

Despite already being challenging, the fact that by default you can only have two bullets on the screen at once makes things feel a little slow at times. If you are accurate, you can use those bullets effectively and continue firing more, but if you don't have the best aim you'll have to wait for your erroneous shots to go off the screen before being able to fire more. With practice, it's possible to get better and to survive longer, but don't expect the game to do you any favors. Titan Attacks is a classic arcade experience, and it will not be an easy one to finish. It does succeed in capturing that old school style quite well and is enjoyable in short bursts.

Recommended? It's fun in bursts, but hard to play for long stretches. Hardcore arcade action that not all will appreciate.
Enjoyed By? Nostalgia seekers wanting a hardcore, arcade Space Invaders experience will be at home here.

This game was played on Vita via a PSN code supplied by the publisher.

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