Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fruit Kills in Don't Die, Mr. Robot

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot is a PlayStation Vita arcade, action game starting Mr. Robot, and it's all about its scoring system. Players allow fruit to gather on screen and then cause it to explode setting off massive chains that rack up points. The game offers three modes detailed below by the developers.
Remix Mode: Battle through 50 unique missions in Remix Mode which mess up the rules and push you to the limits of your reactions and skill.
Arcade Mode: A never ending, different every time arena based fun machine! Hit the global leaderboards and try and become the world’s best dodger.
Time Attack: 2m30 at tweaked difficulty to hone your skills. Dying costs time and points, so don’t die!
Chill Out Mode: A more sedate and strategic but equally intense mode for when your nerves are just too fried to take on the game at full pace. 
As for controls, you can choose between tilt, touch, and standard stick controls. There are also collectable hats and robots to unlock, making your own unique Mr. or Mrs. Robot. There's no official date for North America yet, but the developers are aiming for just a couple weeks after the European release, which is hopefully before the end of September. For now, check out these screens.

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