Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kicking it to the Moon...Hunters

Moon Hunters was one of the first games to hit the Square Enix Collective and is now a successfully backed Kickstarter project. This game is an RPG where players can select one of five character classes in a mashup described as “Legend of Zelda meets Castle Crashers” by the developers. Along with the action gameplay, players can also craft a reputation based on how they respond to others in the world. You can act flirtatious, selfless, or other ways in order to reflect up to 50 different personality traits.

For those that don't know, the Square Enix Collective is simply a curated awareness program run by Square Enix to help highlight promising independent games that need funding. SE provides no funding to the developers, but acts as a marketing tool that will take a cut of the money if the project is funded. Moon Hunters has been funded for PC and PS4 now, and there is now a stretch goal for a PlayStation Vita version at $135,000 (CAD). The PC and PS4 versions are 1-4 player, but the Vita version is only promised to be a single-player experience with the developer attempting to add multiplayer if at all possible, but not officially confirming it.

If you would like a Vita version to happen, you can wait and see if Kitfox hits the Vita stretch goal or back the project yourself here. For those leery of backing crowd-funded projects, know that part of the Square Enix Collective curation process is a professional team assessment provided about the development team. Even though I have a personal moratorium on backing Kickstarters right now, this one tempts me enough that if it gets close to the Vita version I might just break my own self-imposed rule to help it over the edge if needed. Check out the Kickstarter trailer below along with some images from the in-progress game.

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