Monday, November 24, 2014

Pocket RPG Hits Vita Tomorrow

Originally a mobile title, Pocket RPG from Tasty Poison Games is hitting PlayStation Vita on Nov. 25. There are no freemium hooks to be found in this third-person dungeon crawler, just three playable classes and a lot of weapons and items to collect. I've played briefly as the Blade Master and find melee combat quick, but weapons don't really have any sort of impact on enemies. That said, leveling up is fast and new items are plentiful.

I hope to have more skills to dive into soon, because right now it's a pretty straightforward system. It's very interesting to see Pocket RPG hit Vita considering how I've been begging for a straight up Diablo-clone on the system and now we have one. More impressions soon, but for now here are a few screens from my brief stint with the game.

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