Monday, January 26, 2015

Pocket Review - 3D After Burner II

Sega's M2 branch has become a beloved name in reproducing games, from their work on the Sega Ages collections in Japan to their 3DS work with the Game Gear Virtual Console and the first round of 3D Classics. For the second round of 3D Classics, 3D After Burner II shows their attention to detail is unparalleled.

The core game controls well by default, but you can adjust the button/touchscreen assignments. You can even go so far as adding recreations of the After Burner II arcade cabinets - both sit-down and standing - to the screen if you want to add to the experience. M2 even added Circle Pad Pro support, which means it will carry over well to the New 3DS well.

To prevent the frustration of an arcade game, you can adjust the lives count and pick up right from the same stage once the continues are exhausted. You'll need the extra help, as death comes frequently and can often come out of nowhere either by missiles obscured by the smoke trails or enemy fighters catching you from behind. The Special mode unlocked by completing the arcade levels allows you to build up slowdown and get a far higher score, and also serves as a tribute to the recently delisted After Burner Climax.

The anti-frustration features make this modern remake of After Burner II worth looking into, and the historic recreation is a great side effect. Having not played the original, I loved the thrill of the combat but found some of the deaths to be quite cheap and the extra story added to Special mode to be a little gratuitous. But don't let that detract from a fun shooter.

TLDR A great recreation of a sometimes-frustrating game.
Enjoyed By? Sega fans and people looking for a quick, intense experience. 

This game was played on a 2DS via a review code provided by the publisher.

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