Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pocket Review - Final Horizon

On first glance, it might be hard to tell exactly what Final Horizon is. When I downloaded it off PSN, I simply did so because it was free through PS+. What I found was a very entertaining strategy game on a micro scale. The developer describes this title as mini-Starcraft with killstreaks, and I believe that's a very apt description. It offers fast, bite-sized levels that don't wear out their welcome. Once I started playing, I didn't want to put it down.

Some might mistake Final Horizon as a simple tower defense game, but I don't feel that comparison is completely accurate. This sci-fi title has players completing brief planetary missions that are micro-sized, real-time strategy battles. You're given an objective such as destroy an incoming swarm or hold off an onslaught for a certain length of time, and then you are tossed right into the action. Missions are quick, challenging, and don't have a lot of padding. In place of gathering resources, players simply need to have a power generator in play on an resource spots. On other spots, you can build more generators to speed up the power increase or use that stored power to create a variety of combat turrets.

Deciding which tactic is the best for the moment is key, and this varies based on mission objectives and obstacles. Everything happens fast in Final Horizon, so you better be ready to build quickly and know when to upgrade. Deciding if swapping one structure for another, repairing a damaged unit, or unleash a killstreak perk are all decisions you have to make quickly. The game's foundation is simple, but it works wonderfully and could be built on to create something even more impressive.

The game's simple structure is not an actual negative, but it's about only real issue I have. The amount of enemies to battle, structures to create, and killstreaks available seems fine for the length of a single playthrough, but I would have loved to have seen more content and variety. Finishing the main story only takes about four to five hours, which is fine, but it seems like a testbed for greater projects to come. I can imagine this becoming a larger scale project with more depth, and I think it could be outstanding. For now, I do highly recommend Final Horizon if you want to play a fun strategy game that great to play in brief sessions and that cuts out a lot of fat.

TLDR It was great when free on PS+, but still worth it.
Enjoyed By? Anyone who enjoys strategy games in small bites would like this.

This game was played on Vita via PSN through PS+.

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