Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pocket Review - Woah Dave

Woah Dave is a modern take on the classic arcade game. With only one mode available at the start, players must progress further by performing better. Much like the first Mario Bros, the player controlled character begins in the middle of the stage and must defeat incoming enemies to earn coins and gain points.

Eggs and skulls drop from the sky and are the tools you use to stop the invading aliens. Skulls act as bombs and can be used to blow up the eggs before they hatch; just get out of their way before you get hurt yourself. The unhatched eggs can be used to smash aliens, but you have to be careful that they don't hatch on you. All of this is going on while you're jumping platforms, avoiding the rising lava, and dodging the ever-increasing aliens swarming the stage.

Enemies turn into coins when defeated and your purse total serves as your score. The more money you earn, the further you progress. The game is challenging, recapturing the old school arcade feel of days past. You start with three lives as you attempt to last as long as you can, and in doing so, you unlock new modes. Occasionally a Woah block will drop, and if you can grab it and toss it, it will "pow" everything on the stage to earn you a lot of coins.

I'll be honest, I'm pretty awful at Woah Dave, but it was still fun to dive into. I respect the concept in the same way I do the original Mario Bros, but it just didn't appeal to me. This genre has its place, and Woah Dave would have been right at home in arcades of the late 1980s. Lacking additional gameplay modes from the outset, other Vita arcade titles like Don't Die, Mr. Robot and Pix the Cat have more variety and appeal. As a free download, this one was worth a shot, but don't be surprised if you bail out quickly.

TLDR Old school fun gets old quick.
Enjoyed By? If you love challenging old school arcade games, this might be for you. 

This game was played on Vita via PSN through PS+.

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