Thursday, January 29, 2015

Severed Just Around the Corner

A recent tweet from DrinkBox Studios has teased the future spring release of Severed on PlayStation Vita, as the developer is shows off the title screen running on the system. While first shown at the PlayStation Experience, we've since learned that this game features light RPG elements with touch screen combat that looks like a much improved version of what Dragon Quest Swords tried to do on Wii. While little else has been seen of the game since then, after playing Guacamelee, I have much respect for the team at DrinkBox. There are some in-development screens below for you to check out.

On another note, DrinkBox states in their FAQ for Severed that those looking forward to Guacamelee 2 need to be patient. Severed is coming first to allow the team to flex their creative muscles, though at some point in the future our favorite undead luchador should return. Fear not. For now, check out the screens below.

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