Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hand of Fate Is a Tricky One (Updated)

Hand of Fate is a Kickstarter project for a board/card game mix with elements of RPG and roguelike gameplay. The initial pitch was for a PC/Mac/Linux release, but in March 2014 the game's creator, Defiant Development, announced a PS4 and Vita version along with an Xbox One release. The PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions hit today, but there's been no word on the Vita release. After contacting the developer, we were initially told that Vita version has been put on hold.

Here's what a rep from Defiant had to say, "We were a little ambitious trying to do PS4, PC/Mac/Linux, Vita and Xbox One all at once. We decided to choose the most cost effective/valuable route - and that meant we had to cut out Vita. This is for the time being, we may port over depending on how well the game goes on console."

UPDATE: The updated status of the Vita version of Hand of Fate is as follows, "I should add that Vita was always part of our plans, but due to limited resources and a release date goal we couldn't find the bandwidth to include Vita for launch. We do have plans to port over to Vita in the future." and "I would like to clarify that we are planning to port to Vita. We wanted to focus on PS4 and Xbox One first as they have similar porting-over-processes. and are therefore more resource effective. Once we nipped those in the bud, we would look into Vita."

I think we can all agree that this is good news. Now to just wait and see when we'll get our hands on the Vita release.

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