Thursday, February 12, 2015

Marvelous News For 3DS Owners

Marvelous USA has announced release information for their 3DS lineup this spring. The first game to release will be Story of Seasons, the first game in the Bokujo Monogatari series to not bear the Harvest Moon name in its localized release. New crops and animals to raise are also joined by a heavy encouragement to interact with other farmers locally or through the Nintendo Network. Story of Seasons launches in North America on March 31. (Trailer)

The other announcement is the confirmation of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven. Previously known as Forbidden Magna in Japan, this action/strategy RPG hybrid tries to have the player "bowl over" as many foes as they can in their turn. The game's difficulty is adjustable mid-battle if frustration is a concern, and StreetPass is supported for earning items. Marvelous has confirmed the game will launch in the spring, with "more details to come".

Here's the teaser trailer for Lord of Magna:

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