Friday, February 27, 2015

Pocket Review - 3D Classics Fantasy Zone

Given the nature of how Sega is releasing the second wave of their 3D Classics, Fantasy Zone will have a shelf life of a couple of months before its sequel will release. Although the usual M2 polish and presentation is present, the core game itself is a solid yet unspectacular shooter.

Unlike most shooters of the era, Fantasy Zone made its name on two key features: its art style, with bright colors and a generally cute art style, and its upgrade system which relies on dropped coins to build funds for upgrades. The early levels are simple matters of pattern recognition, but the bullets really start flying in the later stages of the game. After completing the game, a bonus mode unlocks much like in 3D Classic After Burner II that provides some neat changes to the game.

Once again, M2 has given the release a lot of customization options, including control over the game's difficulty and even cosmetic changes. The 3D effect works quite well on the 3DS as well. However, the core gameplay is still frustrating - even under ideal circumstances it's quite easy to get a Game Over or even waste money on the power-ups since they disappear on a lost life.

The enemy designs are fantastic, and M2 does a fantastic job bringing these mid-to-late 1980s games into the modern day. However, most people should probably save their energy for March's OutRun if they're looking for a great 3D remake, or April's Fantasy Zone II if they're in the market for a great shooter.

TLDR: Great presentation wrapped around a shockingly average game
Recommended for: 3D Classics completionists and people who enjoy "cute-em-ups"

This game was played on a New 3DS XL and was purchased by the reviewer.

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