Monday, March 16, 2015

Pocket Review - 3D Classics Out Run (3DS)

When the second series of 3D Classics was announced, most observers focused on Out Run as the game to watch. The beloved 1986 arcade racer never quite had a perfect home conversion before, and the pressure was on M2 to live up to their previous pedigree. As it turned out, there was nothing to fear.

At its core, Out Run is a point-to-point "driving game". Under a time limit, you hop in a Ferrari Testarossa and drive through mountains, forest, cities and under bridges to reach a series of forks in the road. You continue racing through four of these selections before coming to one of the five finish lines where you see an interesting scene, unlock a power up - increases to top speed, cornering ability, recovery from crash or the ability to go off-road and maintain speed - and restart the race. Beating the game five times unlocks Arcade Mode, which disables all assists and lowers the time limit before sending on your way.

Out Run was perhaps best known for its music, with the sublime tracks Passing Breeze, Splash Wave, and Magical Sound Shower serving as the perfect complement to the action. For the 3D Classics version, M2 added two songs using the arcade hardware (Cruising Line and Camino A Mi Amor) that could easily have come in the original game. As with all of the 3D Classics, the controls can be customized to your liking, and the option to even handle gear shifting automatically was added. The 3D has no issues, and the game runs at a dead-on 60 frames even with the 3D on.

With retro games, the temptation is there to look for a definitive version of the game. Unless you actually mod a Testarossa into an arcade cabinet, which is about a $450,000 investment, 3D Out Run is the definitive version of a classic game and should be in your library right now, if only for the soundtrack. I'm never going to own a Ferrari or be able to drive at twice the speed of time travel, but this is as close as it gets.

TLDR: The best version of a game that's still incredibly fun
Recommend for: Anyone who owns a 3DS

This game was played on a New 3DS XL and was purchased by the reviewer.

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