Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pocket Review: OlliOlli (3DS)

OlliOlli first made waves on the Vita last year as a fun yet frustrating skateboarding game where you can rip through all of the records once you figure out the controls. In bringing it to the 3DS, Roll7 and Curve Digital have managed to keep the game relatively intact and actually have better controls than the original Vita game.

The game is a stunt based skateboarding game that uses combinations of the analog stick and the shoulder buttons to perform the stunts. The key is to keep a combination of jumps and grinds going while being sure to stick the landing by timing down on the Circle Pad. OlliOlli features a series of different themed levels to skate in, as well as a daily challenge (the "Daily Grind") that ranges from nasty to flat-out evil.

The biggest reason I had to put down the Vita version last year was because the analog nub on the Vita doesn't have as much "throw" (movement space), which the 3DS circle pad provides. It makes it a bit easier than on the Vita to stick the landings - I could get a Sick or Perfect (the two highest ratings for combos) far more consistently. Although the backgrounds aren't as sharp on the 3DS, the key is the skater and it looked about the same.

There's always a problem recommending 3DS ports of indie titles at full price if they've been on sale on other platforms - or in the case of OlliOlli 2, flat out free on PS+. However, the 3DS version does bring along a Wii U version as well, and the easier play experience makes OlliOlli worth a double dip.

TLDR: Though the graphics aren't as sharp, the controls are the best you'll find in a portable version
Recommended for: People who wore out the Tony Hawk demo back in the day

This game was played on a New 3DS XL via a review code provided by the publisher.

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