Friday, September 4, 2015

#TeamHandheld Report - 09/04/2015

I had a great response to the last #TeamHandheld Report, especially in terms of you all starting to share your experiences. Keep it up! I'm posting this one a little later than I had hoped, but that's mainly because I wanted to get a little more time in with this week's new PSN releases.

Now Playing

Nova-111 (Vita)

Even though the Vita version of Nova-111 was briefly delayed, Funktronics Labs and Curve Digital did a great job of getting a quick turnaround with only a one week delay. I found myself happily engrossed in Nova-111's quick, turn-based gameplay. While not really a roguelike, it does follow the same turn-based style as something like Shiren or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where you take turns moving one grid square at a time while enemies do the same. While pretty simple so far, the stages are quick and do require you to pay attention, so it's not a mindless romp. In fact, things ramp up pretty quickly, but hopefully it won't get annoyingly difficult. The sci-fi setting isn't all that interesting so far, but I'm still having fun working through these level and plan to keep it up.

-Starts off simple, gets more challenging-

Super Time Force Ultra (Vita)

There are just some games that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around, and Super Time Force Ultra is one of those. It's strange, because I think I get what's going on and made it through the tutorial without much of a headache, but when I get into the heat of the action of having to swap between characters and rewind during a normal stage something in my head just snaps. That said, I love the variety going on here, as it takes the slide scrolling shooter and evolves it into something much deeper in terms of gameplay while maintaining a great sense of humor in the story. Having a lot of different characters to pick from is great, but I just need to work on wrapping my head around the rewind process so that I can unlock more of them.

-What the #$%@ is going on?-

Upcoming Games

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Vita)

Can't talk about this one yet, but you can imagine what part of the game is like from the video above. I really wish I could talk more about this game, because I've been putting the most time into it of late.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Vita)

There are now subtitles for cutscenes if you download the free Japanese voice-over DLC, but it seems like you'll have to start over to use it as it's only accessible from the difficulty select screen when pressing the triangle button. It's not very useful to hide that feature there and not allow to be to toggled mid-game.

Space Hulk (Vita)

It's about time for some crazy space turn-based strategy action, so Space Hulk will try to fill that void in my least until XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus becomes a reality?

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