Thursday, September 24, 2015

#TeamHandheld Report - 09/24/2015

I've been dancing, dancing, dancing. The #TeamHandheld Report is still being dominated by Persona 4 Dancing All Night, and I make no apologies on that. We're good, right? But that's not ALL this week, as I'm also talking about Heroes of Loot and will even have a PSN code for NA Vita owners and two codes for EU to giveaway soon. Keep an eye out on Twitter for details.

Now Playing

Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Vita)

Since the last round, I finished up the story on Persona 4 Dancing All Night including the additional story bits after the main game. I can't say I was super impressed with the story overall, but I still enjoyed getting the gang back together once more. The early chapters were a bit repetitive, but it got a little better when things started focusing on Kanami and Nanako. That said, Nanako is still super cute and awkward just like always, so she steals the show.

After finishing the story mode, I plunged into Free Dance mode and have just now come up for air. I initially thought the draw of the game was the story mode, but after happily playing through every song in Free Dance, which doesn't have a drop of dialogue, it seems like the characters are the key. The silly costumes and fun team-ups are what make this worth coming back to. If you like the Persona 4 at all, this is absolutely worth checking out. If not, the music in Free Dance might be enough to get you into it.

-Dancing Tops Plot-

Heroes of Loot (Vita)

Heroes of Loot from Abstraction Games and Orange Pixel is a cute, simple, fun random dungeon game. You have the choice of four tiny characters, each with unique stats based on their class. I chose a warrior and have survived well past dungeon level 20. It's not been super challenging so far, but as I wander around these random later levels, enemies are finally increasing in difficulty.

While the randomness of the game has been odd, such as what's available in shops, I've not really needed any of the items in shops outside of earning trophies. As for each level, all you have to do is find and kill the enemy holding a key and then find the door to the next level. Not sure how long I'll play this after finishing it, but it's definitely fun enough to complete and is only $2.99 on PSN. I'm finding it hard to hate on Heroes of Loot.

-Simple, but it's cheap and fun-

Upcoming Games

Pumped BMX+ (Vita)

I just got a code for this, so I hope to check it out soon. Can't be worse that the other bike racers on Vita.

Dealer's Choice (Vita? 3DS? PSP?)

Now that I'm finished up with the story of Persona 4 DAN, I'm ready to focus on another game for a bit. While I'm sure to jump around, I'd like to know which of the following would you most like to hear about on the next Report?
  • Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Vita)
  • Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (Vita)
  • Steins;Gate (Vita)
  • Xenoblade (3DS)
  • Invokers Tournament (Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

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