Friday, October 7, 2016

#TeamHandheld Report - 10/07/2016

Another week, another #TeamHandheld Report. Not feeling hot today, so I'm going to just dive right into the games. Please enjoy.

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Darkest Dungeon (Vita)

Want a deep game to play? Darkest Dungeon is the game for you. Diving into a dungeon is not an easy task, as each party member can be both an asset and a liability. Party members have benefits for having them in battle, but also faults that can come into play during combat and really screw things up. Positioning is very important, as you want to keep your front line fighters strong and protect the weaker ones. Sometimes enemies don't let you do this, which makes for a great challenge. This is a complex game to wrap your head around, so I still have a lot more I need to do before I can get a complete grasp of this.

The few dungeons I've been able to battle through so far have been challenging, but I've pulled out some close battles. With as dense as this game is, it will take quite a while to learn all the ins and out. While I haven't had issues with it myself, the text and icons are a bit small on Vita. And the controls are a tad awkward to get a handle on, just because there is so much to do. And as @DocBrownPhD pointed out to me, Darkest Dungeon uses the rear touch option to swap between characters and it's easy to do this without knowing what's going on. While fun, this game is definitely a time investment.

-Amazingly deep-

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (Vita)

After my experience with the demo, I quickly bought both the digital version (for easy access) and the physical version (for my collection) of Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics. Yes, I was that impressed. It's perfect for quick pick up and play sessions, and you always make some sort of progress even when you lose. While the demo gives you a good taste of what the gameplay is like, the full version gives you access to all the other features of the game.

You start with the Swordsman class, but after the tutorial you can try out the Knight, Archer, Thief, or Sorcerer. There are also six other classes you can unlock using Genesis Stones which are earned during each attempted session. These other classes include Pirate, Adventurer, Half-Beast, Ranger, Wanderer (Shiren), and the Ultimate Student (a character from Danganronpa). As for the game itself, I touched on most of that in a prior Report. The full version just gives you many more options. Even though I've gotten two endings, there is so much more to unlock and do here. Look for a full review on RPGamer soon. It's great fun, and I plan on playing this for a while.

-One of my favorites of the year-

Limbo (Vita)

After a three year hiatus, I finally returned to Limbo. I had gotten stuck on one part and didn't feel like looking up the solution, so I just put it down and left it sitting on the memory card waiting for the day I'd return. Finally after three years I was back and have finally finished it off. I like the style and setting, but some of the puzzles were just crazy. It seemed to range from "this is easy" to "I know what to do, but how do I do it?" to "what is going on here?" all in a matter of a few minutes. I like those first two, but get easily annoyed at hitting too many of the last. Simply put, I suck at puzzle games. That aside, I was glad to finish it off even if I did have to look up a lot of the solutions toward the end. At that point, I was just ready to be done with it so I was happy to do that. I'm glad I played it, but wasn't blown away.

-Cute, but not amazing-


Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (3DS)

I think this is the game that's going to cause me to take a break from DQVII. I wanted to get into the original SMTIV, but this one sounds even more accessible. Bring it on.

Langrisser Re: Incarnation - Tensei - (3DS)

I've heard the warnings, but when this hit $9 on Amazon I just couldn't resist. I have to see just how bad it really is.

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