Thursday, April 26, 2018

Vita To Plays - Volume 1

Greetings, #TeamHandheld. I'm back with another little project. Cancer has taught me that there's not enough time in life to play through and complete every game in my backlog, so that's not a goal of mine. What I have decided to do is at least play SOME of every Vita game I own. As of this posting, that's over 450 games counting physical and digital releases. I was curious how many I had actually played and found that the number was quite high, so I started a list of all the ones that I hadn't yet touched. That was around 85-90 games, so this column marks the start of where I go through this list as I at least sample a little bit of every Vita game I own.

I had two options in doing this. I could just play these games and mark down that I had done so on a spreadsheet somewhere or I could opt to write a small note about each one. There was no way I was going to be able to do a longer post on each, so it was either a brief statement on each or nothing. Not every update will be this large, and they will be sporadic, but for now enjoy following my newest crazy goal.

Vita To Plays - Volume 1

A Virus Named TOM

A Virus Named TOM is a rather interesting puzzle game where you have to flip pipes around to complete paths which allows you to "hack" into systems like a robotic dog. Neat score based concept with a quirky setting, but not really something I'm into.

Bit Dungeon Plus

This is another example of a fun game ruined for me by permadeath. I just can't get behind games where I can't at least make incremental progress and restarting Bit Dungeon Plus over and over just didn't cut it.

Burly Men At Sea

This is a very interesting take on branching story points, but it gets a little repetitive to see the minor variations and doesn't have a satisfying wrap up, as nothing really happens. The art style is lovely and the story is charming, but Burly Men At Sea just seems to float along quietly, even after going through everything to get the platinum.

Dead Nation

A zombie-killing third person shooter? Dead Nation could be fun multiplayer, but I wasn't in a place to accept the invite I received. Impressive that I even received one for as brief of a time as I played which speaks a lot about this game. Again, not really my thing.


Oh...flOw looks like it could be fun, but wait, motion controls...on Vita. Ugh, I'm getting sick. Nope, I should have just played on console where I don't have to move my head around like a crazy person, but that's not going to happen either.

Laser Disco Defenders

Ouch, randomly generated levels in this twin stick shooter. Not only that, but the lasers you shoot stay in the level and bounce around. Laser Disco Defenders totally seems like something that is not my type of game, but for some reason the quirky disco visual theme and music had me coming back for more, even if I did keep losing over and over.

Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition

While Mercenary Kings looks like a Metal Slug-type run-and-gun, and that's definitely how I tried to play it, I've found out that it's actually more of a 2D Monster Hunter with guns. I'll have to give this another shot with that in mind in order to be fair, because the standard run-and-gun method was not working for me at all.

Midnight Deluxe

Midnight Deluxe is a fun stage-based puzzle game where you have to make your way across the level, avoiding traps and accomplishing the right tricks to progress. Some of the solutions are creative, but the analog stick aiming makes it harder to accurately accomplish what you know you need to do.


This is a curious puzzle game where you have to lead a tiny monster across a group of people who cannot see it or they will kill it. You have to figure out certain tasks that will distract or appease the people in order to progress. MonsterBag is pretty charming, so I could see myself coming back to it.


I'm so happy to see NeuroVoider on Vita finally. I just struggle with games that have roguelike structures, as I never feel like I'm making progress. The inventory system here is a tad cumbersome, as I never really could tell at a glance what was going to be best to use. The game was more fun than I was good at playing it, if that makes sense.

Penny-Punching Princess

This is a neat concept having the ability to bribe enemies instead of fighting them, but for a fast action game having to bring up a calculator and type in numbers mid-battle is ridiculous. Penny-Punching Princess might work better as a turn-based RPG or TRPG instead, but that's just me.

Rogue Aces

A dog fighting game where you shoot up other planes, aircraft carriers, and buildings. Rogue Aces is kinda tough to get adjusted to the flying controls, but it works once you do. I felt like I was playing Top Gun on NES again, though, because I just couldn't make a ton of progress.

Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition

Now Root Double starts off with a very interesting premise for the story, though it's too early to know much about what's going on and too detailed to fully explain here, but it seems to involve a lot of character interaction and some variation of time travel or something like that. The problem I had is that there is a weird favor meter for each character when you make choices, and it has to be at the correct intensity or something to impact the outcome. It was clear when you should use it, but I didn't quite catch at first glance how best to use it.

Smart As...

Smart As... is the no-longer-supported attempt at a Sony Brain Age game with online stats and all kinds of interactive features. Like many other Vita-related efforts from Sony, it was bailed on, but it seems like an interesting daily distraction if you're into that without the online components.

Urban Trial Freestyle

Urban Trial Freestyle is a Trials-style motorbike game where you race from checkpoint to checkpoint trying to get money and complete tricks for a high score. It was fun for a few minutes, but I quickly lost interest.

That's all for now, but progress has been made. Now to start on something that I hope will keep me busy longer than a few minutes, Cosmic Star Heroine.

Today's To Plays: 15
Current Remaining To Plays: 81

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