Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nintendo To Plays - Volume 1

Greetings again, #TeamHandheld. I've had a lot of games I've been juggling of late and they've not all been Vita games, so I decided to do one of these pieces for my 3DS and Switch games as well. I hope you enjoy this and any future volumes of this I opt to do.

Nintendo To Plays - Volume 1

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

I've just started Battle Chasers: Nightwar and am enamored so far. Combat is interesting, as I just got my third character and am still learning about the finer details of the game. I'm totally on board right now, so I will definitely be continuing with this one. It seems very heavy on combat and light on story, so I do hope the battles hold up well.

Banner Saga

I've been looking forward to playing Banner Saga for quite a while now. It's one of the games I was looking forward to on Vita before it was canceled, but was thrilled to finally get it on Switch. The story, combat, and decisions are something that appeal to me, but I've just started the first story battle and biggest problem I've had with this version so far has been the UI. It's difficult to engage in combat or even interact with the game's menus. It's messy and takes away from the core experience, which is something that I hope can be updated soon as there's a lot to look forward to digging into here. Moving around the battle field is straightforward enough, but sometimes it's tough to see which enemy you're attacking and confirm. Also skipping cutscenes without confirmation is a no-no, so please fix that.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

I've tried almost every Etrian Odyssey game so far (I have EOV, but haven't cracked it yet), but I never seem to get very far. I get distracted by the mapping and overwhelming choices of character development. The biggest plus of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight is that there is a story mode that gives you set characters and picnic mode which makes the game much easier to get into. I've been able to make good progress so far and might keep going. It's been fun, if still a tad overwhelming for me.

A Robot Named Fight

A Robot Named Fight seems like an interesting concept, as it's very much like a Metroid game, but with randomly generated areas. The random generation is not too exciting, but you can unlock features for additional playthroughs as you progress. While the controls are decent and it's not too brutal, the game is a tad directionless. A little more structure or guidance would be welcome, as I struggled to figure out how best to progress.


I had really hoped that Garage was going to be another Hotline Miami or Mr. Shifty, but man this game is not up to the standard of those two. It's slow, combat is clunky, and enemies are tedious to fight. The best part of those other games are how quick they are, but Garage just doesn't match up. For an action game, there needs to be more to do and it needs to happen faster. This just doesn't cut it.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux starts off really slowly with lots of exposition and not a lot of action. It's like the early parts of Persona games, but without the charming characters. Combat is really simple, but I've not really done much with it so far. I couldn't get into the original on DS, so it's hard to say if I can get much further here. We shall see as I get ready to branch out into the icy maze.

Pinball FX3

Playing Pinball FX3 makes me wish I was better at pinball. I always have fun playing these games, but I never feel like I'm good at them. The Fallout and Skyrim tables seemed right up my alley, as I did have a lot of fun with them. It's nice to be able do RPG things while playing pinball, so that helps as well.

Arcade Archives Punch-Out!!

I love Punch-Out!!, so when Arcade Archives Punch-Out!! was announced I had to pick it up even though I knew it was the oldest of the old school versions. It's a little rough to play, but I still enjoy trying to get through the gauntlet of fighters. If anything it makes me want a new Punch-Out, but what doesn't?


Ouch. Clustertruck is really awkward. Jumping between moving trucks in first person is frustrating, and it's hard to aim. I lost interest in this one pretty darn quick.

That's it for this issue. There's lots of stuff on Switch, but it's harder to get as much time with it. Hopefully I can keep this up with more Switch games and also work through some of the 3DS backlog as well. Thanks for reading.

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