About Pocket-Console

What is Pocket-Console?
Pocket-Console is a blog dedicated to games on handheld gaming consoles, or pocket consoles as we refer to them here. These include the Nintendo DS and 3DS along with the Sony PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. We will cover games all over the world as we see fit. There are just two of us right now, so don't expect comprehensive coverage of all things portable. We simply plan to share what interests us in hopes that it might interest you as well. We plan to be serious about what we do here, but don't expect us to be super formal. There's enough formality on the internet already.

Who Are You?
There are just a few of us currently. I'm Michael A. Cunningham (aka Macstorm/FinalMacstorm), Editor-in-Chief of RPGamer.com and founder of Pocket-Console. This is a side project for me where I can share my love of handhelds in a world where smartphone zealots are foretelling their downfall. Smartphone games have there place, but these two realms don't have to cancel each other out. Through this site, I hope to share with the world the games that are keeping this those of us who don't have tons of free time to sit in front of our TVs, but still want a deeper, more engaging experience.

Joining me in this venture is Mike Apps (aka Wheels or AskWheels), RPGamer's Q&A Columnist and contributor to GameSpite. Mike is an avid gamer with a love of RPGs and portable gaming.

Each of us have a vice. Mine has been my goal to collect a copy of every RPG to ever to be released in English on a UMD for the PlayStation Portable. Jon's goal is a little more lofty than mine, as he has been striving for years to gather every DS title ever to be released in English. I'm close to meeting my goal, but Jon's is likely going to take much longer. Mike on the other hand, just seems to be a collector of everything.

Want to Contact Us?
While I don't know why you'd want to contact us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Michael A. Cunningham
Email: macstorm@pocket-console.com
Twitter: @FinalMacstorm

Alex Fuller
Email: severinmira@rpgamer.com
Twitter: @severinmira

Mike Apps
Email: wheels@pocket-console.com
Twitter: @AskWheels